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A world without clean and potable water is unthinkable. Water saving devices, rain water harvesting and wastewater treatment are very useful to provide this essential liquid nutrient for all life on earth.


Worldwide the use of rain water is increasing and saves a lot of potable water that otherwise need to be treated in rather expensive filter systems. The applications of rain water are diverse if it is clean. To prevent turbidity and other pollutions the rain water system is more than just a tank and a pump. 


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Many lakes, ponds or lagoons show odour problems, algae growth and fish are dying because of lack of oxygen. Mixing and aerating can help solve all these problems but require a lot of electricity. Solar energy is implemented to create energy savings.


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Did you know that one small leak or burst in your waterline can cost you more than 80.000 litres of water over a two-day period? By installing a leak detection valve in the incoming main water pipe such huge water losses can be avoided. This valve shuts off the water supply immediately when a persistent flow, leak or burst is detected.


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