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Get to know our wide range of professional services, from energy audits to solar contracting. 



  • Consultancy, advice and audits for energy and water efficient building

  • Feasibility studies

  • Training, workshops, lectures on renewable energy and energy efficiency

  • Design, engineering, project management and solar contracting for residential, commercial and
    industrial applications

  • Supply and installation of sustainable solar equipment



  • Large scale solar heat projects

  • Solar contracting

  • Solar trouble shooting

  • Solar cooling



  • We always choose the best availabe technology with long life-span and based on sustainable

  • We offer customized solutions and turn-key, custom made project services

  • We have experience with all kinds of solar technologies and know how to rate the best performing
    solar system for each application

  • Turn-key Solar Contracting guarantees you a hassle free process from design and tendering to

  • We always compare different competitive tenders on their quality, performance and maintenance
    cost to select the most economical solution on the long term

  • We have lots of practical experience in supervision and commissioning of solar projects

  • We are a global provider of solar contracting services with a multidisciplinary team of highly
    motivated and experienced staff

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