Solar Energy is one of our core businesses because it is a key element in a sustainable world.
The range of solar solutions we offer demonstrate the best available technologies with proven long lifespan.


The production of hot water with solar collectors is

the most common solar technology worldwide.

We offer projects with advanced flat plate glazed

collectors because of their proven performance

and long life reliability. The right size of solar

collectors is important but all the components of a solar hot water system should be in accordance and all materials must be chosen durable to maximize the solar performance.  


We will always advice different options between economical and or ecological design.  Economical design shows the shortest pay-back with and a reasonable solar fraction. If the solar hot water system is oversized, it will save more energy and create a larger solar fraction, but the yearly performance per m2 collector will be less than the economical design.


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Solar energy is the perfect way to heat water and

air at a low temperature. Low temperature

applications are very efficient when used in floor 

and wall heating. Water and air can both be used

in solar energy systems because they are easy to

transport and store when heated.


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The demand for air conditioning worldwide in all

types of buildings is considerable. Houses, offices,

hotels, laboratories or public buildings such as

museums are only a few of building types that

require conditioned rooms. Under adequate conditions,

solar and solar-assisted air conditioning systems can be

reasonable alternatives to conventional air conditioning systems.


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                                           The production of photovoltaic solar cells has                                                         grown exponentially in the last decade. Basically                                                   the choice has to be made between crystalline and                                                 amorphous solar cells. Both types have their advantages and drawbacks. Crystalline modules are very sensitive for shading and heat, which can lead to potential energy losses. Amorpheous panels need much more space than crystalline but produce more energy per installed Wattpeak.


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                                    Solar heating and ventilation systems can be used to                                          preheat the air and ventilate the building without                                                energy cost. Solar hot air can also be used in large                                              commercial buildings like public swimming pools or industrial applications.


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                                   Many domestic and school swimming pools are                                                   heated with expensive heat pumps or are not heated                                         at  all. The cheapest and most cost effective way to                                           heat those pools to 28° C is by using innovative solar absorbers made from a specialized black plastic material. These absorbers transform solar radiation into very effective heat for the low temperatures needed in swimming pools. The life span of the solar absorbers has been proven in Europe for more than 30 years and they are resistant against heat and cold. In New Zealand the solar absorbers can be very productive for more than 8 months a year. Design, installation and maintenance are kept simple and affordable. They can be integrated in an aesthetic way on the roof or as a fence.


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Every spa pool owner knows that the electricity bill

is the biggest drawback of spa pools. The solution

to this energy problem is simple. Solar hot water

can be produced with very cheap and cost effective

absorbers to reduce the electricity use for pumping

and heating. EWA-TEC has developed an autonomous system consisting of solar absorbers to heat the pool, a solar DC pump to transfer the solar heat, a solar PV cell to run the DC pump and a solar controller to maximise performance. In this way the energy needs for powering the spa pool can be reduced for 8 months of the year.


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Many lakes, ponds or lagoons show odour problems,

algae growth and fish are dying because of lack of

oxygen. Mixing and aerating can help solve all these

problems but require a lot of electricity. Solar

energy is implemented to create energy savings.


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                                     Golf Carts, Buggies and other electric Utility Vehicles                                           rely on an independant power source from a battery.                                             The quality and reliability of the battery is the primary                                           concern. Limited range and long recharging times are the main disadvantages. This is an ideal application where solar energy can contribute efficiently.


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                                   Untreated sludge takes up a lot of storage space and has                                       high transportation costs. Sludge consists of more then                                         90% of water. Thermal drying of sludge removes water                                         from sludge to a significantly higher degree then the best                                     dewatering processes. The Solar Sludge Dryer is a unique solarpowered system for dewatering and drying sludge and organic waste. It is powered completely by free solar energy.


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